Commercial Roof Washing Systems

Add More Days to Your Roof Coating Season

Designed for the
Roof Coatings Industry


Decrease Production Time

Prep more surface in a shorter time with ProWash’s turn-key trailer systems

Increase Your Profits

Grow your profits by adding more jobs to your roof coating season


Achieve Better Results

Deliver a better product by ensuring a cleaner roof

Solving Real Problems

Developed by commercial roofers for real-world situations


Inadequate Water Supply


Lack of Pressure


Unprotected Equipment


Complicated Winterization


Improper Rinsing


Complicated Setup

Made for Production, Built for Convenience

Each ProWash Trailer System™ is designed from the ground up around the principle of increased efficiency and production.  From the moment they arrive on the job site, these trailer systems begin working to multiply your workforce and grow your profits.

2 Powerful Washers

5000 psi, 5.5 gpm, driven by 26hp, V-twin Honda engines

Buffer Tank

275-gallon buffer tank provides steady flow to both units

Inline Plumbing

From supply to the roof, everything is connected

Universal Drainage

Universal drainage makes emptying and winterization a simple process

Convenient Hose Reels

Included hose reels make on-site setup and teardown easy

Accessories & Storage

Included accessories and storage options make this trailer ready to go

Increase Your Production

“We were able to do in a couple hours what had previously taken us days.”

– Bradford, PA


Proven Results

The success of the ProWash trailer system has been tested on the job site.
It.  Just.  Works.

Timothy Schultz
Owner, ProWash Trailer Systems

In my own commercial roofing business, we had struggled for years using more basic pressure washing systems for roof preparation.  We ended up spending long days and countless hours trying to clean surfaces and push water, which ate into our profit margins.  Over time, we upgraded our washers to more powerful units, and the results were evident in our very next job!

“Using the ProWash setup, we were practically adding extra months to our coating season.”

Anxious for more success, we began developing a complete roof washing system to address multiple problems we had encountered over the years, from insufficient water supply to the time and manpower involved in setting up and tearing down.  What we created was a complete system full of features that allowed us to increase our production by 160%, complete more jobs in the same amount of time, and increase our company’s profits.

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