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ProWash is a “no-brainer” for roofing professionals

In this interview with ProWash founder Tim Schultz, VP of Sales for Aldo Products Company explores the benefits of the ProWash Trailer System™ and how it can increase production capacity and profits for the roof coating professional.

How We Overcame Poor Water Supply

One of the biggest challenges when prepping a commercial roof for coating is having a strong enough water supply to run your large pressure washers. But, what happens when you simply can’t get a strong enough supply to keep working? That is why we developed the Buffer Tank System to make sure that we never run out of water on the job site.

ProWash Q&A with Tim Schultz

ProWash Trailer Systems founder Tim Schultz takes questions about the creation and benefits of our breakthrough roof cleaning system from a room of commercial roofing contractors.

Stories of Success

How fast can you wash a 60,000 sq. ft. rubber roof? We’ve done it in just 10 hours with a three-man crew. The ProWash Trailer System™ gave us the power and water supply we needed to get this roof prep knocked out in no time, shortening our time on the job and allowing us to finish more jobs in our coating season. 

December in central Pennsylvania – a rubber roof on a local factory needs prepped and coated before cold weather locks them out for the season. See how the ProWash Trailer System™ allowed one commercial roofing contractor to beat the cold weather by a single day, complete the job, and make a client very happy.

Late fall on the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania – We had a client with a 15,000 sq. ft. metal roof scheduled for coating the following spring. But, we were able to bump up the schedule and put more cash in our pockets before the early winter hit along the northwestern PA/NY border, all thanks to the ProWash Trailer System™.

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