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ProWash Features

We have years of experience in the commercial roofing industry, and if there’s something that can go wrong on the job site, we’ve probably experienced it, too.  We developed the ProWash Trailer System™ as a response to these problems, working from the ground up to build a complete roof washing system to eliminate many of these headaches.

The ProWash Trailer System™ is battle-tested and has proven itself to increase on-site production and increase profits.

Highlighted Features

Dual Pressure Washing Units

Big.  Powerful.  Always ready for whatever you’ve got.

Steady Water Supply

No matter what, no matter where, always have the water supply you need.

Fast, Efficient

When every moment counts, you can count on the ProWash Trailer System.

STREAMLINED TRAILER – Gets You There, Keeps You Secure

The ProWash Trailer System™ is all housed inside a 16′ x 7′ box trailer to make your workday easier, from start to finish.  Coated 3/8″ plywood on the walls and coated 3/4″ floor protects the interior from water damage, and the ability to lock all the doors keeps your contents safe from prying eyes when not in use.  The 6.5′ interior height gives the trailer plenty of headroom for most people, and the plain exterior panels provide a perfect landscape for your own graphics or company branding.

Each trailer includes a spare tire, stored in its own wall-mounted storage compartment with a separate space for additional items, such as a jack, lug wrench, and wheel chocks.

BUFFER TANK – Work, No Matter What

On many job sites, inadequate water supply can cause mountains of headaches.  Without the proper volume of water coming into your machines, pressure washers don’t function properly and may even burn out your machine’s water pumps.  Some locations may only have enough water to run a small unit or one larger pressure washer, but not two.  And, some jobs simply cannot be completed if relying solely on the on-site water supply.

ProWash trailer systems include an elevated 275-gallon buffer tank to solve the problem.  This allows for positive flow of water to the machines at all times, giving the water supply time to continue filling the tank when not running the washers.

The tank is elevated to maximum height, allowing 14 inches of vertical drop from the tank outlet to the washer intake and creating significant head pressure.  A built-in float valve keeps the tank from overfilling, meaning it can be left on-site to fill up overnight worry-free.

COMPLETE FILTRATION – Protecting Your Equipment

Water lines can carry debris from anywhere directly to your pressure washers, causing significant damage.  Whether it’s rust in the supply pipes or dirt in your hoses, if that material reaches your machines, it can result in problems.

All water entering the ProWash Trailer System™ goes through a complete filtration process before it even reaches the buffer tank.  This means that all debris is trapped in an easy-to-clean filter, sparing you the task of cleaning your tank and lines or harming your water pumps.


No more connecting and disconnecting hoses.  No more getting soaked when packing things away.  No more inconvenience.

It doesn’t get any easier than this.  From your water supply to the roof, the entire ProWash Trailer System™ is connected.  All connections are securely fastened to make your workday hassle-free so that you can focus on what’s really important.


When preparing a roof for coating, you have to make sure that the surface is thoroughly scrubbed and rinsed.  Smaller pressure washing units are not always up to the task and require additional time because of the lower pressure and water volume.

On low-slope roofs with poor drainage, moving large volumes of water can be overwhelming.  Smaller pressure washers – even with rotary turbo nozzles – might only put a dent it.  Our pressure washers have the power and output to easily move those large bodies of water and get your roof clean.

Each ProWash Trailer System™ comes with two pressure washing units capable of handling even the most challenging roofs.  These washers each boast a hefty 5,000 psi and 5.5 gpm (11 gpm, total), powered by a 26hp, V-twin, Honda engines and belt-drive pumps.  Electric start, pulling from individual automotive-size batteries, ensures that these machines fire up every time.

Both machines have their own belly-mounted fuel tank, each with a 12-gallon capacity (24 gallons total).  This means that you won’t have to stop to refuel throughout the day.  Each tank has a rear-facing spout, allowing you to simply pull into a gas station and fill the tanks from the back doors.


Most pressure washers are designed with unloaders that perpetually recycle the water through the pump when you’re not squeezing the trigger at the other end.  This puts a lot of strain on the water pump as the recycled water gets hotter and hotter, which can eventually burn out your pump.  Most pressure washers can only safely go for one to two minutes without the trigger being pulled, but we know that sometimes that just isn’t long enough.

Our specially-designed unloader recirculators take that water and run it back into the buffer tank.  This process allows the hot water to cool before reentering the pressure washer and relieves the added strain on the water pump.  Whether you need two minutes or two hours, it doesn’t matter – the water will continue to safely recirculate without any problems.

If your pressure washers need to be removed for service, the unloaders are equipped with quick-connect fittings to easily disconnect the unit from the water circulation system.

HOSE REELS – Setup & Teardown in Minutes

Gone are the days of coiling big piles of hose by hand.  Gone are the hours spent setting up and tearing down on the job site.

All hoses in the ProWash Trailer System™ are conveniently stored on hose reels.  Pressure hoses are mounted atop the washer units and can be quickly deployed right out the back of the trailer.  The front-mounted supply hose has its own dedicated reel capable of holding up to 200′ of 3/4-inch hose.  Each pressure washing unit comes with 200′ of pressure hose (400′ total) and top-mounted hose reels.

All reels are spring-locked so that hoses don’t unravel during transit and are available in both hand-crank and electric-powered varieties.

UNIVERSAL DRAINAGE – Emptying & Winterizing Made Easy

Draining your lines, tank, and machines at the end of the day, and especially at the end of the season, used to be a pain.  Not anymore.  Say farewell to the hassle and the mess.

Every ProWash Trailer System™ is designed with a universal drainage system that makes emptying the entire system a simple process.  Easy-to-use dump valves in the floor open to carry the water away, keeping the interior of the trailer dry, and a rodent guard makes sure that no unwanted visitors can set up a home in your lines.

ROOF SCRUBBER – Roof Cleaning Made Simpler

Without proper cleaning, roof coatings cannot properly adhere to the roof’s surface, leaving you with subpar results and ongoing warranty issues for years to come.

Fortunately, cleaning roofs is what we’re all about.  Each ProWash Trailer System™ includes a 24-inch, power roof scrubber to do the dirty work for you.  Rolling on four wheels, these scrubbers make short work of membrane roof cleaning, increasing your productivity even further.  Stored in its own wall-mounted storage, it stows away easily, leaving your floorspace free and open.

STORAGE – A Place For Everything

Optional upgrades to the ProWash Trailer System™ give added convenience and peace of mind.

Included with ProWash Trailer System™:

  • Pressure Wand Storage
  • Roof Scrubber and Storage
  • Additional Pressure Hose and Storage Reel
  • Backpack Sprayer Cabinet
  • Storage Shelves
  • Spare Tire & Tool Storage

Optional Upgrades:

  • E-Track

Detailed Specs

Dimensions: 16′ x 7′ x 6.5′
Axels: 2
Profile:  V-nose
Base Weight: 2,000 lb.
Weight Rating:  7,000 lb. GVW
Wheel Size: 15 inches
Spare Tire:  Included
Rear Doors: Barn door
Wall Covering:  Coated 3/8″ Plywood
Floor Covering:  Coated 3/4″ Plywood

Additional Features:

  • Wall-mounted spare tire and accessories storage

Number of Washers:  2
Engines:  26hp Honda
Pump:  Belt-drive
Pressure:  5,000 psi
Volume:  5.5 gpm
Fuel Tanks:  Belly-mounted
Fuel Capacity:  12 gallons per unit (24 total)
Mounting:  Frame assembly, bolted through floor

Additional Features:

  • Top-mounted hose reels
  • 200′ of pressure hose per unit (400′ total)
  • 2 pressure washing wands included
  • 2 rotary turbo nozzles included
  • Unloader recirculators with quick-connect fittings
  • 100′ x 3/4″ supply line with included hose reel (200′ capacity)
  • 3/4″ plumbing to buffer tank
  • Inline water filtration before buffer tank
  • Auxiliary water valve inside trailer
  • 275-gallon buffer tank with 14″ of head pressure
  • 2″ supply lines running almost to machines to maximize volume and pressure
  • Universal drainage with rodent shield for easy emptying and winterization

Power Roof Scrubber – Included

  • 24″ diameter
  • 4 rolling wheels
  • Powered by pressure washer
  • Wall-mounted vertical storage rack

Pressure Wand Storage – Included

  • Wall-mounted aluminum storage rack
  • 3-wand capacity

Additional Pressure Hose – Included

  • Storage reel for additional pressure hose
  • 200′ capacity
  • Available in hand-crank and electric

Backpack Sprayer Cabinet – Included

  • Wall-mounted
  • All-metal with rubberized bungee clasp
  • Ambidextrous orientation
  • Fits most standard backpack sprayers

Storage Shelves – Included

  • Wall-mounted storage shelves
  • All-metal, welded assembly
  • 3-shelf vertical configuration

E-Track – Optional

  • Heavy duty steel, horizontal configuration
  • Wall-mounted
  • 4,500 lb. maximum safe working load
  • 1-1/2″ slots
  • Movable tie-down rings included



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